The Association

The Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association was established on October 23, 1933 and has been working with design engineers for over 85 years.

Clark Wantoch

Executive Director Clark Wantoch is a Civil Engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the inspection, analysis, and design of transportation projects for local streets, bridges, connecting highways, recreational facilities and county trunk highways.  Mr. Wantoch is a registered professional engineer in Wisconsin, has a Master of Science Degree in Construction and Public Works Administration and a Master of Business Administration Degree. Before coming to the WCPA, Mr. Wantoch was in charge of the Highway Maintenance and Transportation Services Sections within the Department of Transportation at Milwaukee County. Prior to that, he was in charge of the Transportation and Administration Section for the Department of Public Works at the City of Milwaukee.


The Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association is a technical and educational trade association representing the concrete pipe manufacturers of Wisconsin. The members manufacture reinforced concrete storm sewer pipe, reinforced concrete sanitary sewer pipe, non-reinforced concrete sanitary sewer pipe, non-reinforced concrete culvert pipe, manholes, reinforced concrete boxes, reinforced concrete elliptical pipe, reinforced concrete arch pipe and a variety of precast concrete connectors.

The Product

Concrete pipe has long been recognized by specifiers as the most dependable, durable and strongest product available for culverts, storm sewer and sanitary sewer pipe.

The capacity of reinforced concrete pipe has been shown by numerous studies to be as good as any other smooth wall material available. Some studies have shown that the lab numbers for concrete pipe for Mannings "n" to be .009 to .010. Many engineers use a .012 to .013 Mannings "n" to account for field conditions, when doing capacity studies. Non-engineers promoting new products do not understand these fundamental engineering factors of safety and promote their product based on lab values. Concrete pipe manufacturers have always understood the safety and dependability of reinforced concrete pipe and support the design engineers when recommending safety factors.
Design software is available for reinforced concrete pipe (SIDD) for pre-cast concrete boxes (Boxcar) and for cost analysis of pipe installations (Life Cost). Recent studies have shown that the concrete pipe software (SIDD) is very dependable and accurate when analyzing soil properties, but that software for flexible pipe does not give accurate readings.
The joints in reinforced concrete pipe are dependable and of a very high strength compared to other products. Differential deflection experienced by polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC), high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), and metal pipe is not found in rigid concrete pipe joints and with the use of proper gasketing material can insure a dependable system without fear of infiltration or exfiltration from the sewer system.